Booksbreadcrumb separatorLiterature Textsbreadcrumb separatorHello Ocean - Hola mar

Pam Muñoz Ryan

Illustrator: Mark Astrella
Publisher & Date: Charlesbridge Publishing 2003
ISBN: 9781570913723
Book Category: Literature Texts
Relive a day at the beach with this lovely book of memories. You can almost feel the salt spray on your face and smell the musky scent of ocean in the cool morning air. Remember how the sand squishes between your toes as the tide rushes to shore and taste the tang of the ocean on your lips. HELLO OCEAN is a joy-filled and playful poem about the draw of the shore and the effect the ocean has on all five senses. Spirited language evokes a sense of closeness and nostalgia for an old friend. The inspiration of the ocean will make learning the five senses as easy as a day at the beach. 

Anchor Standard 1: RL 4.K.4
Hacen y contestan preguntas sobre palabras desconocidas en un texto. 

Anchor Standard 2: RL 4.1.4
Identifican palabras y frases en cuentos o poemas que sugieren sentimientos o apelan a los sentidos.

RL 4
Identifican palabras y frases en el libro Hello Ocean/Hola Mar, escrito por Pam Muñoz Ryan, que sugieren sentimientos (mi viejo amigo, me encantan) o evocan los sentidos (sabroso, salada, sonidos, olores).

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