Booksbreadcrumb separatorLiterature Textsbreadcrumb separatorLos zapaticos de rosa

Illustrator: Lulu Delacre
Publisher & Date: Lectorum Publications (1997)
ISBN: 9781880507728
Lexile Level: NP
Book Category: Literature Texts

Without hesitation, a privileged little girl hands over her beloved pink shoes to a poor, sick child she meets at the beach. For one moment the youngsters' different worlds meet and mesh, each one's fantasy becoming the other's reality. This unique picture book has appealing illustrations and a sweet story that packs a strong social message. Marti's poem depicts a world of contrasting images: wealth and poverty, sickness and health, joy and misery. The distinguished watercolor artwork done in hues of yellow, pink, and blue re-creates the warm and sunny ambience of the seashore and highlights the innocence of the children. The lyrical, rhyming text makes this title a fine choice for reading aloud. It may also be used to spark a discussion of moral issues or social values, such as compassion and equality, as well as to introduce poetry and/or the life and work of the Cuban poet and historian.


Anchor Standard 1: RL 4.2.4
Describen cómo las palabras y frases (por ejemplo: ritmo, aliteración, rimas, frases repetidas) proveen ritmo y significado en un cuento, poema o canción.

Anchor Standard 2: RL 4.3.4
Determinan el significado de palabras y frases que se utilizan en un texto, determinan el lenguaje literal del no-literal.

RL 4
Determinan el significado de palabras y frases que se utilizan en un texto del poema Los Zapaticos de Rosa de José Martí, distinguiendo el lenguaje literal del figurado.

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