Linguistic Augmentation

Every effort has been made to maintain a parallel, aligned, and equitable architecture between the Spanish translation and linguistic augmentation of the California Common Core ELA/Literacy Standards. The Spanish linguistic augmentations and Spanish language-specific examples are marked in blue font.

The purpose of the linguistic augmentation is to address points of learning, skills and concepts that are specific to Spanish language and literacy, as well as transferable language learnings between English and Spanish as provided in educational settings where students are instructed in both languages.

The linguistic augmentation is based on the conventions for oral and written Spanish from the Real Academia de la Lengua Española (RAE) promulgated in 2010. The intent is to promote the same expectations and level of rigor for Spanish usage as educators expect for English usage through quality curriculum and instruction. 

The linguistic augmentation also provides a structure and specific detail for the development of instructional materials that address the specific features of Spanish in support of students’ academic language learning on par with English in dual language programs. 

Jill Kerper Mora, San Diego State University 

Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes, San Diego County Office of Education

Sandra Ceja, San Diego County Office of Education

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