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The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and California Department of Education (CDE) agree that the San Diego County Office of Education:

  • Allow free download public access to the electronic Spanish versions of the:
    • Common Core State Standards for ELA/Literacy (CCSS ELA/Literacy)
    • California Common Core State Standards for ELA/Literacy (CaCSS ELA/Literacy)
    • Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS Mathematics)
    • California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. (CaCSS Mathematics)
  • Grant publishers permission to use the electronic Spanish versions of CCSS ELA/Literacy and the Spanish version of CCSS Mathematics free of charge.
  • Grant publishers permission to include the Spanish versions of CaCCSS ELA/Literacy, and the CaCCSS Mathematics Standards free of charge, in State-Adopted Instructional Materials when instructional materials are submitted for review at the state level, publishers are required to include the complete text of the CCSS in the teacher and student components of their program. Where standards are included, they must be reproduced in their entirety and the text of standards must not be abridged, rewritten, or changed in any way. However, for instructional purposes, publishers may use bold face type or color to highlight certain words in the standards at the point of instruction. To meet the adoption requirement that instructional materials incorporate the content standards into the text of the materials, the publisher is granted a one-time provisional permission to reproduce those standards in their submitted materials.
  • If the instructional materials are adopted by the State Board of Education, the provisional copyright permission will pass through to include the amount of additional copies that must be produced to meet the demand from school districts wishing to purchase the adopted programs.
  • If the submitted instructional materials are not adopted by the California School Board of Education, or not approved during the adoption process for legal and social compliance, for use in California, the permission to reproduce the content standards in the instructional materials will be revoked.
  • The following credit must appear in the instructional materials and documents:
            Common Core State Standards Spanish Language Version © Copyright 2013.
            San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, California. All rights reserved.
  • SDCOE is the only publisher of this translated version in its entirely as a printed document, and owns the exclusive sole use of website logo and the domain name “Common Core en Español” on the Common Core en Español website (

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